Thursday, June 16, 2011

Monkey Business

Thought this would be a fitting title, my kids are my monkeys, so yeah...cheesy. Shoot me. In November I bought myself a Kitchenaid mixer and since then have found I truly love baking...cupcakes especially, but cakes as well. I love being able to create cool designs, and giving someone a custom made cake. This blog will mostly be about my bakescapades...but I'm sure some family stuff will be thrown in there too. I've done some projects already, but this will start from here out. I'm working on my "first" cake tomorrow. Rough sketch-
Cake will be just a simple 2 or 3 layer cake (haven't decided yet) vanilla, with a vanilla buttercream frosting (per request) although I may dye it pink to go with the Barbie theme. I'll take pics along the way tomorrow!


  1. So great, Autumn!!!!!! Looking forward to following your bakescapades!
    Amy Field :)

  2. Aww Yay!! I'm so excited! Are you gonna be posting recipes too??

  3. I will be sharing whatever recipe I use =D